6. 'N. Gane' Memorial House

Museum address: 22 A N. Gane Street, 6600 Iassy, phone: 147610/147.

'N. Gane' house offers to the public a N. Gane memorial and a museum of the Iasi city hall. The Gane memorial reconstitutes the working room of the writer who owned this house. They used authentic 19th century objects as well as objects, manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, paintings, books belonging to the man of culture who was an outstanding member of 'Junimea' society.

There was an attempt at reconstituting the typical atmosphere of a dwelling that once belonged to a scholar, Junimea writer, politician and builder of Iasi, from mid 19th century to the 1920s. Among the many original exhibits we remind just a few: a painting of N. Gane from 1878 by painter Kabaltz, donated by Gh. Gane from Munchen, N. Gane's grandson; a beautifully carved desk with a bronze enamel writing set on it; a bronze statuette of Dante, which N. Gane always kept in front of him; books and manuscripts of N. Gane's library. The museum of Iasi city hall reviews the main leaders of town administration beginning with the 19th century. Most of the mayors of Iasi were outstanding personalities of the Romanian cultural life, such as: Costache Negruzzi, Tudorache Burada, Dimitrie Gusti, Nicolae Gane, Vasile Pogor, Leon Negruzzi, Al. Teodoreanu, Gh. Marzescu, Mihai Negruzzi, a.s.o.

The museum tries to point out some aspects related to their cultural activity and, above all, aspects regarding their activity to the benefit of the Moldavian capital. Architecture and construction figured among their favourite pastimes. Obviously, education and culture institutions gained most from that. The museum displays original engravings and photographs, posters, pictures, manuscripts, city hall publications, autographed books, objects belonging to the evoked personalities. All this is an attempt to suggest turning points in the evolution of Iasi city during the last two centuries. The two museum nuclei will be widened in the following years as space becomes available. A museum of mechanical writing tools will be founded as the documentary and material collecting activity has already begun.

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