5. 'George Toparceanu' Memorial House

Museum address: 7 Ralet Street, 6600 Iassy, phone: 1444675.

'George Toparceanu' memorial house in Iasi belonged to the writer Demostene Botez, a friend of George Toparceanu's. It was built at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. In 1919 it used to house the staff of the review 'Literary Notes' printed under the guidance of Mihail Sadoveanu and George Toparceanu, and including among the employees Garabet Ibraileanu and Demostene Botez. In 1932 the building was offered to George Toparceanu. The latter was to live there until the 7th of May 1937, when he died from a terminal disease at the age of 51 and was buried in the Iasi cemetery 'The Eternity'.

In 1983 the house was donated by the owners: Teodor Neagu and Adrian Vulpe to the Iasi museum pile. It was renovated and on the 22nd of June 1985 this objective of the Iasi Romanian Literature Museum was inaugurated, one year before the poet's 100th anniversary celebrated by UNESCO. The museum staff is co-ordinated by Avadani Maria Magdalena Dorina. Dumbrava Ion is the supervisor.

Collection description:

  • foundation review no. 3, March 1934 - corrections by George Toparceanu;
  • books: George Toparceanu - translated into Hungarian by Bozor Andor, dedicated to Otilia Cazimir;
  • glass photographic film made by George Toparceanu;
  • gouache painting by Victor Mihailescu Craiu - 'George Toparceanu House in Iasi';
  • a photograph of George Toparceanu dedicated to scholar Stefan Procopiu;
  • the letter of George Toparceanu's son to Otilia Cazimir;
  • a manuscript - 'Panic' - poems by Demostene Botez.

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