7. 'Mihai Codreanu' Memorial House

Museum address: 5 Rece Street, 6600 Iassy, phone: 117664

This memorial house turned into a museum in August 1970. It is situated in a Iasi old district close to an old pub called 'The Cold Vault', historically relevant where the Iasi Bohemians used to meet, above all personalities like Eminescu, Creanga, Caragiale. a.s.o. In the museum building known as 'the Sonnet Villa' lived and created the master of the Romanian sonnet, Mihai Codreanu; the latter wrote only sonnets for 60 years on end as with him the sonnet stood for the highest rank in poetry. The house was built on a place received by the writer from the Iasi city hall in 1934, as a gift of recognition for his literary merits. Built in the Romanian Brancovan style after a design of a 'Mincu' school architect, the 'Sonnet Villa' was to keep forever the mark of the sonneteer, as well as that of the many literary encounters of Romanian masters, including Mihail Sadoveanu, G. Toparceanu, Al. and Ionel Teodoreanu, Otilia Cazimir and others.

The writer lived in this building until his death in 1957. The present museum largely observes the old interior design to avoid interference into the will of the writer's wife who donated the building and never ceased to see it but the way it used to be while the sonneteer was still alive. Thus the permanent exhibition including the hall and three rooms convincingly illustrates the life and career of the well known sonneteer, maintaining the authentic atmosphere of Iasi middle class houses from the first half of the 20th century. Today the museum possesses 700 exhibits (some of them of national interest). The building was never altered or repaired. The museum staff includes a graduate special and two undergraduate supervisors.

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