3. The Museum of the Theatre

Museum address: 5 Vasile Alecsandri Street, 6600 Iassy, phone 115760

It was inaugurated on the 14th of December 1976, at the 160th anniversary of the first drama show in the Romanian language, in the house of the high official Vasile Alecsandri where the poet spent his childhood. The building dates from the end of the 18th century and it stood in the old St. Ilie street, close to the church with the same name.

The museum illustrates the development of the dramatic phenomenon from the oldest times to this day, pointing out the important moments of the history of the Iasi National Theatre: the first drama show in the Romanian language organised by scholar Gh. Asachi in Iasi, the founding of the music and drama Conservatory, of the Iasi National Theatre in 1840, whose director was V. Alecsandri, the inauguration of the present theatre building, outstanding personalities who contributed to the upgrading of the Romanian theatre. The permanent exhibition unfolds along nine halls, the rest of the ground and first floors being occupied by the storage rooms, temporary exhibitions and cultural events rooms, offices, a.s.o.

The museum staff is made up of two specialists (graduates) and three supervisors (undergraduates). The museum possesses a rich heritage made up of collections of posters and theatre programmes, printed volumes, documents, photographs, manuscripts, letters, newspapers, musical notes, art objects, furniture pieces, theatre costumes, various other memorial objects. The heritage was created on the basis of the Iasi National Theatre archives, of the costumes and objects of the actors who acted on this stage in different times, and completed by different donations and subsequent offers, discovered by the museum specialists at different people who worked in the theatre or their descendants. The entire museum fund is registered in an inventory book, reaching a number of about 22300 items.
Here are some representative items of the museum:

  • the collection of theatrical posters from the beginnings of the Iasi National Theatre;
  • the collection of theatrical programmes for various seasons of the Iasi National Theatre;
  • drama volumes (old editions, including 'Mirtil and Hloe' printed in 1850);
  • autographed letters: V. Alecsandri, B. P. Hasdeu, I. L. Caragiale, V. I. Popa, M. Sadoveanu, a.s.o.
  • original photographs: V. Alecsandri, Matei Millo, Gr. Manolescu, Agatha Barsescu, G. Enescu;
  • manuscripts with musical notes belonging to Al. Flechtenmacher, Ciprian Porumbescu;
  • art objects, decorative pots a.s.o. belonging to Matei Millo, T. T. Burada, Agatha Barsescu, Aristizza Romanescu, H. Darclee, a.s.o.;
  • various property objects: ivory fans, lace, precious stones;
  • costumes worn by actors of the Iasi National Theatre displayed in a special museum hall: the costume worn by the great actor Gr. Manolescu in Hamlet's part, the one worn by Matei Millo in Barbu Lautaru, another worn by Miluta Gheorghiu in the famous Chirita, a.s.o.
  • portraits of actors and men of the theatre painted by C. D. Stahl;
  • objects of precious metals (watch, jewels) belonging to men of the theatre.

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