2. "Otilia Cazimir" Memorial House

Museum address: 4 Otilia Cazimir Street, 6600 Iassy, phone 115231

The building housing 'Otilia Cazimir' memorial house was raised in 1858. The architectural style is characterised by discretion and simplicity which are the very dominant features of the Romanian middle class of the last century. In 1898, the family of the future writer Otilia Cazimir bought the house at an auction. From the age of four until the end of her life (the poetess died in 1967), Otilia Cazimir lived only in it.

The house was turned into a museum in June 1972. The basic exhibition was organised in the two rooms where the poetess used to receive her guests and where she used to work late at night. there are on display three hundred personal objects and manuscripts, photographs, paintings closely related to Otilia Cazimir's activity.

The museum has employed a custodian who receives and guides the visitors, organises cultural events related to Otilia Cazimir's personality and is responsible for the preservation of the heritage. Yearly, the museum is visited by approximately three thousand people. As Otilia Cazimir was and remains children's author, the majority of the audience is made up of pupils. At the same time, the house is visited by many students, pensioners, people who had met the writer one way or another. The building is in a good state of preservation, being surrounded by a garden of flowers much loved by the writer.

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