Historical Monuments Proposed for Restoration (1996 - 1998)

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Id County Location Naming Type Dating (Ro) Description Note (Ro) Code
  1   Hunedoara   ORĂȘTIE Orăștie Fortress fortress sec. XIV - XV,transformări și amplificări sec. XVI și XVII Fortified precinct with bastion towers built by the German colonists in the 14th century on the site of a 12th century fortress, transformed and extended in the 16th and 17th centuries. Representative for the fortification architecture of the halls in south Transylvania transformata si amplificata in sec. XVI si XVII 22B0150
  2   Galați   GALAȚI „Ținc“ Chemist's Shop chemist's shop 1900 It was built in 1900 by chemist Constantin Tinc and meant to be a chemist's shop (ground floor) and domestic accommodation (upper floor). One of the few old chemist's shops in Romania, entirely preserved, found in a poor state of preservation. 18B0053
  3   Brașov   BRAȘOV "La Harapul" Chemist's Shop chemist's shop sec. XVI Built in the 16th century in the central square of the town, on three different spots, as three different buildings, characteristic of the mediaeval urban structure, with shop on the ground floor and domestic accommodation on the upper one, they evolved in time, merging. Facade researches revealed important elements certifying their evolution as well as Gothic and Renaissance architectural and decorative effects. Wall painting with floral motifs (16th-17th centuries). 08B0314
  4   Brașov   BRAN Bran Castle castle 1372 - cu modif. sec. XX Mediaeval fortress, originally playing a military role, built between 1377 and 1382. It was also a customs point. Irregular quadrilateral plan with four towers, adapted to the ground shape. Transformed in the 17th century when Renaissance adornments were added. It temporarily belonged to the Wallachian Prince Mircea the Old and his heirs. 08B0352

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