Historical Monuments Proposed for Restoration (1996 - 1998)

Frumoasa Monastery     

Id     48
County     Iași
Location     IAȘI
(Ro) Comuna     
(Ro) Punct     str. Radu Vodă nr. 1
(Ro) Reper     
Naming     Frumoasa Monastery
(Ro) Denumire alternativa     Balica; Sinai
Type     monastery
Dating     1587, refăcută 1726 - 1733, 1818 - 1819
(Ro) Epoca     
(Ro) Cultura     
Description     Built in 1587 by hetman Balica, it was restored between 1726 and 1733 by Prince Grigore II Ghica. It includes the princely palace - "The Palace beyond the Walls", built between 1818 and 1819 by architect Martin Kubelka and "St. Voievozi" church, restored between 1833 and 1836. On the west side of the pile there is the bell turret, transformed in 1833. One of the most remarkable piles of Neo-Classical architecture in Moldavia.
(Ro) Cultul     
(Ro) Destinatie     religioasă
(Ro) Utilizare actuala     
(Ro) Nota     
Code     24B0323

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