Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu

« Genius of an amazing vastness » is how Mircea Eliade characterised B.P. Hasdeu. As one of the imposing characters of universal science, historian, philosopher, linguist, talented writer and journalist, Hasdeu descends from an old and noble family of scholars from Basarabia. His vast scientific creation includes important works, such as « The Critical History of the Romanian People », « Words from Our Ancestors » and « Magnum Etymologicum Romaniae ». In addition to these, an impressive number of studies, articles and scientific lectures are presented in academic sessions at Congresses and at the Athenaeum, including « The Historical Archives of Romania » published between 1864 and 1868. The personality of this Romanian scientist was acknowledged both in his own country by naming him Member of the Romanian Academy in 1877, one of the founders having been his father, Alexandru Hasdeu. Outside Romania BP Hasdeu was accepted among the Academis of Serbia, Sankt Petersburg and New York. As a writer, poet, prose and play-write, he was renowned for his genuine style, his power to get directly to the heart of matters, having a natural romantic talent and for the surprising poetical effects of his poetry. His literary and scientific activities interwove with that of journalist and, later, director of publications. In addition, this Romanian scientist was the General Director of the State Archives and professor at the University of Bucharest.

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