The Iulia Hasdeu Castle

The Iulia Hasdeu Castle In Prahova Valley, ninety kilometres from Bucharest, there exists a picturesque settlement, Cāmpina. A place bestowed by God with more numerous sunny days in a year than any other area in Romania. Over the past years and centuries, it's beauty has attracted many personalities, many of whom have settled here permanently, leaving remarkable works of heritage to prosperity: the painter Nicolae Grigorescu, whose house has now become a museum and the writer/scientist Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu who, following the premature death of his daughter, has built a castle to immortalise Iulia Hasdeu's name.

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"B.P.Hasdeu" Memorial Museum, 199 Carol I Blvd., 2150 Cāmpina, Prahova County,
Romania, Tel/Fax: (+40) 44/335599; Contact: Director Jenica Tabacu