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Carol I Park in Bucharest

Work of the French architect Eduard Redont, Carol I Park was designed in 1900 under the King Carol (Charles) I of Romania and opened to the public in 1906 on the Hill of Filaret (initial surface of the park: 36 ha). The Park is designed with a predominant natural landscape character, having a central alley in geometric style and vegetation arranged in nature-like scenes. The park has also a small lake of 2 ha.

Among the main tourist attractions of the park are:

Ø       Cantacuzino Fountain, in Neoclassic style (1870);

Ø       The Giants Statues, work of the Romanian sculptor Dumitru Paciurea;

Ø       The Heroes Monument Complex (1962), work of the architects Horia Maicu and Vasile Cucu;

Ø      The Monument of the Unknown Hero, brought here form the Mărăşeşti Mausoleum in 1991;

Ø       National Technical Museum opened in 1909;

Ø       Zodiac Fountain;

Ø       Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy ;

Ø       Open Air Roman Arena, with a capacity of 5000 places.


Carol Park is inscribed in the Historic Monuments List (Order of the Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs No. 2314 from 8 July 2004 regarding the approval of the Historic Monuments List updated, code B-II-a-A-19016, historic monument, A grade) with the following location: Piaţa Libertăţii - str. general Candiano Popescu - Calea Şerban Vodă - str. Cuţitul de Argint - str. dr. Constantin Istrati. In the previous List of Historic Monuments from 1992 the Park was protected under the code 41E(1)003.


  Published: 19.10.2004  
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