Presenting Cultural Heritage Resources on-line

International Summer Course
in Busteni, Romania, 20th - 26th of September, 2004
Museum and the Internet:
Presenting Cultural Heritage Resources on-line

organised by cIMeC - Institute for Cultural Memory

with the support of EPOCH Network of Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage

Why this course?

During the past years many museums have developed websites either on their initiative or following the suggestions of another organisation. Nevertheless few museums are aware of the impact of their web presence. Many museum sites are not updated regularly and there is little knowledge on how to present museum collections and other cultural heritage resources on the Internet, in an intelligent and meaningful way.

Especially small and medium size museums and heritage organisations with limited staff and low budgets are the victims of the digital divide. They lack the skills and technical assistance to develop Web pages and to integrate in networks and larger heritage projects. Often large museums too do not know how to use the potential of the new information and communication technology.

What are the aims of this course?

The course aims to offer a general overview of the experience gathered in various Romanian and European projects in presenting museum and cultural heritage resources on the Internet; problems and solutions of web access, finding information and attracting visitors for enjoyment and learning; and basic training in selecting the material, designing the Web content for cultural heritage resources, addressing various audience groups and maintaining digital resources on cultural heritage.

Who should attend?

The course targets mainly museum curators, museum directors, archaeologists and heritage staff with basic knowledge of computer use from Central and Eastern Europe.
The course is interdisciplinary and transnational. Lectures and demonstrations will be accompanied by practical workshops. Participants will be asked to present projects of publishing their resources on-line and work together in small groups.

Preliminary Course Programme:

- Museum Pages on the Web: what, why, how; experience, projects, examples;
- Surface vs. deep Internet: static and dynamic pages;
- Website content and development tools;
- Up-dating, communication, interactivity: virtual exhibitions, e-publishing and digital libraries;
- Museum collections catalogue on-line: a reference resource for professionals and a learning tool for the public;
- Archaeological sites, excavations and cultural reserves: discovery and education for protection;
- Heritage networks and portals; European heritage on the web;
- How to find and be found on the Internet.

At the end of the course participants will better understand the potential of the web for museum and heritage resources.

Participation Conditions

The courses will be in English. We estimate 20 - 25 participants and 5 invited lecturers. The participation fee is €400 and includes the course handbook, coffee and refreshments during breaks, meals and visits to museums. Accommodation will be provided for € 20 - 30 per person per night.

For young participants from outside Romania - with less than 5 years of activity in museums or other heritage organizations and good knowledge of English - we can offer grants covering participation fee, accommodation and meals.

Please fill in the participation form and send it by e-mail until July 10th, 2004 to CIMEC, Mrs. Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu,