Buşteni is located on the Prahova Valley, at 75 km north-west of Ploieşti and 135 km north west of Bucharest, at 882 m altitude, at the foot of the Caraiman Mountain, whose walls fall abruptly for almost 2,000 m, giving wild beauty to the landscape.

The location of the spa is wonderful, being called “The Gate of the Bucegi Mountains” as here begin many routes to the massif, centre of mountain tourism and of Romanian climbing.

In Buşteni more then anywhere else, the Bucegi show their unique beauty: Piatra Arsă, Jepii Mari and Jepii Mici (sharp ridges), the Caraiman (with the “Cross of Caraiman”, a monument in honour of those who died in the First World War), Coştila (“climber paradise”) etc. Buşteni is connected to the plateau of the Bucegi by a funicular line (longest in Romanian and third in Europe).

The subalpine climate is tonifying and stimulating, with pure air, rich in ozone. In winter the spa is fitted for skiing (many slopes of various difficulties).


Access: by train (Buşteni station, on the Bucharest – Bra şov line); by road (DN 1= E 15, from Bucharest or Braşov; DN 71 from Târgovişte to Sinaia, then DN 1 to the spa).

Train timetable 2004 (from Bucharest to Busteni) / Ticket tariff

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